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3rd Old Coaches Race Report and results link

Results link

Norm beat up on us, but thats the short report.

Zach took the lead heading out, but Norm juked him with a head-fake left, and when Zach tried to block it he left the right side open for a pass.  Once Norm had the lead, Zach said that he felt gassed.  Post-race it was revealed that Norm had breakfasted on homegrown beans, which he claimed gave him the power to dominate.  Zach still said he felt gassed.  Who knows?

Todd powered into 3rd, even after incurring a 2 minute “high sticking” penalty.  At least he left the body checks at home.  Myself and Dave missed the wax and the beans.

Joe bested Anne to dominate the classic race.  Anne said that Joe kindly waxed her skis before the race, but apparently the klister he put on hers didn’t glide as well as the green he used.  She did say that the grip was amazing though.

Thats it.  Next season will be all about redemption for most of us, and we’re hoping that Norms bean crop is stunted this summer.

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