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Waxing for Beaver Creek

Several people have questioned their glide wax in the last week.  Currently at Beaver Creek its pretty simple:  the snow temperatures have been holding steady in a range from 14F (morning) to 28F in the afternoon.  The afternoon snow is picking up a little solar warming in micro-pockets after 1 PM, but most of the snow remains dry and old at about  28F.

So, for waxing:  if you plan to ski before about 1 PM, go with Swix HC7 or LF7, or Toko Red series.  If you want to put a base layer of one of the ‘black’ waxes on, that would help with the abrasive properties of the dirty snow.   For afternoon skiing, simply go with a softer wax, such as the Swix HC8/LF8 or Toko Yellow mixed with Red.  The black underlayer is always a good safe addition.

If you are not a self-waxer, head down to Gannett Peak Sports and let the pros down there prep your skis.  Its only a few dollars, and you and your skis will be appreciative.

Put simply:  its old machine groomed snow at about 22F, with a little dirt in it, with warming in the afternoon.

Even “waxless skis” benefit from glide wax applications.

FYI – Ski Cautious


Published: January 6, 2014 in New York Times

“BERLIN — Chancellor Angela Merkel has canceled most of her meetings for the next three weeks after doctors ordered her to rest in bed following a fall while cross-country skiing in Switzerland over the Christmas holiday, her spokesman said Monday.”


It looks so easy…


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