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OCR canceled

No race Saturday. Tooo much snow to get packed well enough. May reschedule for another day with out much warning
This is as official as i can get
PB having hard time and radio not working! Woe is us.

Difficult Conditions

For those of you venturing up to Beaver Creek to ski, you may have found the conditions to be difficult to predict – they have been.  These warm days, coupled with scanty snowfalls and cold nights, have created changing snow conditions.  

Too warm and soft and your skis will not slide consistently, too cold and hard and  control becomes an issue.  Currently, there tends to be  “sweet spot” times between the transition from cold to warm when the skiing is best.  The “too warm” snow to avoid usually starts about noon, and ends about 3:30 as the sun starts to drop below the trees.  

I watch the temperatures displayed at the South Pass DEQ site for guidance.  By the time it gets above 37F there, I feel that Beaver Creek will be overheated, and the skiing best avoided by me.

Until we start regularly getting more snow, it will be a challenge to predict the best times of day to hit the trails.  Good Luck.

Also, the Grooming page now has condition updates and history links, which may help you to decide when, or if, to ski. 

Trail Maintenance Day

Saturday Oct. 18th, 2014
Meet at 8 AM at Alco parking lot to car pool to BC parking area.
Return to Lander about 1:30 PM.

We’ll walk all of the trails — smoothing and clearing rocks and deadfall/debris.  There may be a sage pulling contest also!

Remember, the bases you save could be your own!

Bring gloves, loppers, garden rakes, shovels, food/water and clothing for variable conditions

Honest Scotties Ski Report for 4/16/14

SVO reported on todays skiing using a movie theme……….SVO trails report 041614

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Seemed accurate to me.

Old Coaches Event/Race details for Dec. 26th

Click on the map to view at full-screen size.

OCR Short Course Map ~ 2.0 km Go Clockwise from Yurt

OCR Short Course Map
~ 2.0 km
Go Clockwise from Yurt

OCR Long Course Map ~ 4.7 km Go Clockwise from Yurt

OCR Long Course Map
~ 4.7 km
Go Clockwise from Yurt

The Event starts at noon on Dec. 26th, at the yurt.

Register at 11:45, no cost/fee to enter.

Event Formats:  Freestyle (skate or classic), mass start, do either the Long Course (~ 5 km) or the Short Course (~ 2 km).  You can do multiple laps until you ‘get it right’ if you prefer.

Start and End at the yurt.  Long Course goes to 5 corners, back on BearClaw, around Pipeline to Inner Pipeline, and back up Lower Omera.  Short Course goes around Pipeline and back to yurt.  Both course are skied Clockwise.

Awards are TNTC (too numerous to count) and TCTC (too cheap to count).

Event Goals include: a free-form fun ski event for all ages and abilities.  Clothing required, costumes optional.

Dec 17 at BC

Snow temp 14F. Air 11F at 8am.

Snow vs. Copper

Snow is a Good Insulator!

As groomer dudes, we enjoy the Fall and follow the weather like we’re stalkers.  I have at least 5 different bookmarked websites dealing with weather conditions near Beaver Creek.  Now, you may believe that all of this recent/early snow is making us happy.  But the truth is, that it is also causing us some anxiety and sleepless afternoons in the process.  In an ideal world, Earl (the god of weather) would allow the ground to freeze hard before he excreted a layer of snow up there.  Frozen ground  means that a minor snowfall will be easier to groom, and last longer than a big dump on unfrozen ground.

Snow will insulate unfrozen ground from severe atmospheric cold, hence mud will persist longer, and the mud is more apt to get tilled up into our snowpack.  Dirty snow is not fun to ski, and it absorbs more solar heat leading to faster melting.

Not much we can do about it though.  Earl doesn’t always respond to reason or bribes.  Our choices are sort of limited, but include:

1. Do nothing until the ground freezes (hoping for no further snow, coupled with cold temps, for a few weeks).

2. Solicit volunteers to shovel the snow off the trails until the ground freezes.

3. Start grooming as soon as practical, so as to decrease the insulating ability of the snow, and hoping not to disturb unfrozen soil nor to brutalize the equipment.

After much cogitation (with limited mental resources), we will probably go with option #3.  Although we did feel that #2 (the option!) would be good preseason cross-training for the devoted, and also that Earl might look on that as an offering of penance, and reward us with a stellar (pun possible) year.

What all this means, sort of:  the grooming equipment is being prepped, the groomers are taking double the number of showers (2/week) so that we can skip some when grooming commences, and I have idle time to write idle missives while the idling snowmachines sit idle.

BUT, we do hope to be grooming before Thanksgiving, so get your affairs and equipment in order.   Gannet Peak Sports has new gear arriving, wax for sale, and operators standing by to take your calls (and to operate).  Also, the Fall Gear Swap (details coming soon) is scheduled for the morning of Nov. 23rd, so out with the old-new and in with the new-old.

Remember, snow is a much better insulator than copper, which is the focal point of this message.

The opinions expressed here are solely the responsibility of this computer, and are not to be attributed to the Lander Nordic Ski Association or any of its members/officers/lackys or offspring.  Just accept it on faith that all of it is true.

Humbly submitted 10/31/132012-10-24 BC Temp


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