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FALL 2013 GROOMING:  1.4 km of “thin” skate grooming was done on Nov. 17th.  The Hamster Loop was almost completely groomed, but there are thin areas where dirt and occasional rocks will test your balance!Hamster 3

IMG082Grooming typically begins toward the end of November but could be earlier or later depending on snowfall. Grooming reports are sent out via email as soon as possible via our most up to date member list. If you would like to receive notifications, please be sure we have your most up to date contact information and that your membership dues are up to date.

Grooming is primarily accomplished using a Pisten Bully  but at times we may use snow machine to help support the efforts. Grooming will occur throughout the winter and typically concludes sometime in March or April. Again, this all depends on snowfall and snowpack.

If you travel to Beaver Creek and it is very windy in the parking lot, it is highly advisable to walk under the bridge and get up onto the trail system. Typically, on the most windy day it is remarkably more calm once you get into the trees and further out onto the course.

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