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Guide to Beaver Creek Spring Conditions

After mid-March, grooming at Beaver Creek decreases to once or twice a week, with the interval and day often determined by the weather.  Most years it’s not the snowpack that limits/ends grooming, but it’s the limited number of skiers coupled with the limited budget that causes us to cease grooming.  “When the bicycles come out, and the gardens go in, the skiers disappear.”  By mid-April at the most, we will cease grooming and begin bringing the equipment home.

This time of year, its usually best to ski the trails in the mornings from about 9-noon or so.  If you can get there when the snow is slightly softening after the overnight freeze, and leave before the warmer daytime temps create soft or slushy conditions, then you will have the nicest skiing.  The Tree loop often catches a lot of sun, so it is not a good indicator of conditions on PipeDream, BLM, or Eternity Hill.

Afternoon skiing can be ‘soft’, but if you watch the weather stations for South Pass, you may be able to catch a good day when its still cool and/or overcast, which protects the snow from softening.  The South Pass DEQ website  closely mimics the temps at Beaver Creek.   And remember that softened areas become ice as the afternoon/evening temperatures drop.

Crust skiing is another option for this time of year.  Most mornings the snow will be firm enough to skate or classic across meadows, or through the aspens, without needing to follow a groomed trail.  The window of opportunity for crust skiing is narrow, often ending before noon, but it is an enjoyable exploratory outing.  Warning:  If the overnight temperature does not get well below freezing, you won’t float.

We will try to notify you prior to grooming for the remainder of the season, but don’t let that limit your outings.   And even a morning groom can become unbearably soft by 1 PM, so use good judgement while planning and skiing. Heads up:  It appears that more snow may fall up there on Tues. 3/18, so grooming is planned for Weds. AM.

Clear as mud?   Questions?

Beaver creek groomed

Saturday morning all trails groomed for skate and classic. Very good conditions until warms and/or refreezes.

Olympic Nordic Schedules

The Olympics start on the 8th of Feb.,  Saturday.  The following 2 PDF files are some compiled listings of the nordic skiing related events.  One is strictly CrossCountry, the other has Biathlon, Nordic Combined, and Jumping events.  The schedules aren’t complete, but it is a place to start.

2014 Olympic XC coverage – Sheet1  Crosscountry, Mens and womens, skate and classic, relays

Olympic Biath NoCo Jmping – Sheet12014   Biathlon (Mens and womens, individual, sprint, relay, mixed relay).    Nordic Combined (Mens, jumping + freestyle crosscountry).   Jumping (Mens and Womens).

Biathlon @ BC, Sunday 2/9/14

Things are ready to go for next Sunday’s race.  As of last week, the snow was pretty thin, but those last storms have made the conditions at Beaver very good.   The forecast is for cold weather mid-week, but it is supposed to be nice by Sunday.  Scott Copeland will be putting on a 1 hour safety clinic the evening before (Saturday the 8th)  at 5pm at Gannett Peak Sports (351 Main St) in Lander.  The certification is required to race, but if you have taken it before you don’t need to retake it.

Please watch the Lander Biathlon website (http://www.wyomingbiathlon.org/) for the latest info, and don’t hesitate to contact Scott at  sci@wyoming.com with questions.

Scott Copeland       sci@wyoming.com

LVHS Ski Clinic – Saturday February 01

 The Lander Valley High School Cross Country Ski Team will be giving ski lessons on Saturday February 1st from 10 am – noon at Beaver Creek (possibly at Golf Course – see below). 

 All ages and abilities are welcome. This is great opportunity to learn ways to improve your classic or skate skiing, learn tips on how to ski more efficiently and faster or to try out cross country skis for the first time.  If you are new to the trails at Beaver Creek and have always wanted to see what they are like—come for a guided tour!

There is no set cost for the clinic but donations to help skiers attend the USSA Cross Country Junior Nationals Championships in March would be greatly appreciated.

Ski rentals are available at Gannett Peak Sports, open Friday until 6 pm (it’s a good idea to rent before Saturday).

Given the forecast, it is very unlikely that the clinic can be held at the golf course, however,

***** IF we receive more snow before Saturday and the conditions at the Golf Course vastly improve, we may move the clinic to the golf course. If the snow in town looks good, take an extra 5 minutes and swing into the golf course parking lot to see if we are there. *****

Directions: Beaver Creek trails are 25 miles from Lander, about a 30 minute drive when road conditions are good, up the South Pass Hwy 28 toward Atlantic City.  The parking area is on the right (West) side of the highway.  Plan to arrive at the parking lot around 9:30 to allow time to walk to the trails and sign in. Walk from the parking lot, under the bridge to the ski trails. Be prepared for windy, winter conditions. Dress in warm, synthetic layers (preferably no cotton). Registration next to the kiosk opens at 9:45 a.m.  Water will be available.

 For more information, contact Anne Austin at aaustin@wyoming.com, or Greta Olafsen at gretaolaf@gmail.com

Ski Instruction for the Young!

Eliah Pedersen, former LVHS skier and UW skier, is in town and excited to offer fun, skills building ski lessons to the younger LNSA skier members. Besides being a gifted skier, Eliah helped run the Laramie junior skier program, and really enjoys working with the younger crowd. He’s ready to share his knowledge and build skills, and have plenty of fun, too.
Each session will be:
* For skiers age 5 through 6th graders
* One hour long (please have your skier on his/her skis ready to go at the start time)
* Held at the golf course, snow permitting.
*$5/ session
The ski school is for LNSA member families. Interested in joining LNSA and having your child participate? Contact us at <landernordic@gmail.com> asap!


Waxing for Beaver Creek

Several people have questioned their glide wax in the last week.  Currently at Beaver Creek its pretty simple:  the snow temperatures have been holding steady in a range from 14F (morning) to 28F in the afternoon.  The afternoon snow is picking up a little solar warming in micro-pockets after 1 PM, but most of the snow remains dry and old at about  28F.

So, for waxing:  if you plan to ski before about 1 PM, go with Swix HC7 or LF7, or Toko Red series.  If you want to put a base layer of one of the ‘black’ waxes on, that would help with the abrasive properties of the dirty snow.   For afternoon skiing, simply go with a softer wax, such as the Swix HC8/LF8 or Toko Yellow mixed with Red.  The black underlayer is always a good safe addition.

If you are not a self-waxer, head down to Gannett Peak Sports and let the pros down there prep your skis.  Its only a few dollars, and you and your skis will be appreciative.

Put simply:  its old machine groomed snow at about 22F, with a little dirt in it, with warming in the afternoon.

Even “waxless skis” benefit from glide wax applications.


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