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Honest Scotties Ski Report for 4/16/14

SVO reported on todays skiing using a movie theme……….SVO trails report 041614

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Seemed accurate to me.

Guide to Beaver Creek Spring Conditions

After mid-March, grooming at Beaver Creek decreases to once or twice a week, with the interval and day often determined by the weather.  Most years it’s not the snowpack that limits/ends grooming, but it’s the limited number of skiers coupled with the limited budget that causes us to cease grooming.  “When the bicycles come out, and the gardens go in, the skiers disappear.”  By mid-April at the most, we will cease grooming and begin bringing the equipment home.

This time of year, its usually best to ski the trails in the mornings from about 9-noon or so.  If you can get there when the snow is slightly softening after the overnight freeze, and leave before the warmer daytime temps create soft or slushy conditions, then you will have the nicest skiing.  The Tree loop often catches a lot of sun, so it is not a good indicator of conditions on PipeDream, BLM, or Eternity Hill.

Afternoon skiing can be ‘soft’, but if you watch the weather stations for South Pass, you may be able to catch a good day when its still cool and/or overcast, which protects the snow from softening.  The South Pass DEQ website  closely mimics the temps at Beaver Creek.   And remember that softened areas become ice as the afternoon/evening temperatures drop.

Crust skiing is another option for this time of year.  Most mornings the snow will be firm enough to skate or classic across meadows, or through the aspens, without needing to follow a groomed trail.  The window of opportunity for crust skiing is narrow, often ending before noon, but it is an enjoyable exploratory outing.  Warning:  If the overnight temperature does not get well below freezing, you won’t float.

We will try to notify you prior to grooming for the remainder of the season, but don’t let that limit your outings.   And even a morning groom can become unbearably soft by 1 PM, so use good judgement while planning and skiing. Heads up:  It appears that more snow may fall up there on Tues. 3/18, so grooming is planned for Weds. AM.

Clear as mud?   Questions?

Membership Rewards/Benefits

As a member, you will receive email updates about lessons, clinics, events, and grooming.  If you need further clarification, or have questions/comments, please feel free to email landernordic@gmail.com.

To join Lander Nordic Ski Association, simply click on the “Join” tab, or email  landernordic@gmail.com

Primarily, as  a member, you help to keep the trails friendly (ie groomed, signed, tabled, accessible, and with clean toilet paper!)

Last chance Drew

The year is ending. Better ski.

OCR Official Results!!!!

Valley Girls Timing, not to be confused with Summit Timing!

Valley Girls Timing, not to be confused with Summit Timing!

Here it is.  Read the fine print.

Good turnout, good fun, good competition, highly dubious validity.

Click on this link —–>    OCRresults122613

Post-race Participants

Post-race Participants

Old Coaches Event/Race details for Dec. 26th

Click on the map to view at full-screen size.

OCR Short Course Map ~ 2.0 km Go Clockwise from Yurt

OCR Short Course Map
~ 2.0 km
Go Clockwise from Yurt

OCR Long Course Map ~ 4.7 km Go Clockwise from Yurt

OCR Long Course Map
~ 4.7 km
Go Clockwise from Yurt

The Event starts at noon on Dec. 26th, at the yurt.

Register at 11:45, no cost/fee to enter.

Event Formats:  Freestyle (skate or classic), mass start, do either the Long Course (~ 5 km) or the Short Course (~ 2 km).  You can do multiple laps until you ‘get it right’ if you prefer.

Start and End at the yurt.  Long Course goes to 5 corners, back on BearClaw, around Pipeline to Inner Pipeline, and back up Lower Omera.  Short Course goes around Pipeline and back to yurt.  Both course are skied Clockwise.

Awards are TNTC (too numerous to count) and TCTC (too cheap to count).

Event Goals include: a free-form fun ski event for all ages and abilities.  Clothing required, costumes optional.

Dec 17 at BC

Snow temp 14F. Air 11F at 8am.


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