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Old Coaches Race/Gathering Dec. 29, 2018

It was a great gathering at the yurt on Saturday.  Once again, lack of good organization lead to a fun and challenging OCR.

Here are the results, which, as you can see, lack accuracy or clarity.  Protests will be accepted, and refused, until next December, at which time the new protest period will begin.

Photos are bound to show up, once the unofficial photographer(s) forward them.  They won’t be paid until that time, or after that time either.

Race Recap

I got off to a good start, flying up the trail.  Next thing I knew Scott VO was cruising behind me and itching to pass.  After several blocking attempts he finally got by me, and we exchanged expletive pleasantries.  Further up the trail he stopped to take off his parka, re-wax his skate skiis, and possibly make a cup of coffee.  That allowed me to close the gap some.  It was a photo finish at the end, which means he was taking a photo of himself and relaxing well before I came across the line.

The HS contingent (Zane, KK, Connor, and Hazel were there to school us on speed and technique.  They all got by Norm on lap 2, but there was a question as to whether some may have short-circuited the lap.  However, since there was no official protest or video evidence, we must assume that Norm was schooled also.

Noah came back as a post-grad to grind out 3 hard laps of 5.7km each.  Word was that he double-poled most of the course = not easy.   I believe father John didn’t double pole much.

Anne “the beast” Austin won the ladies distance award, grinding out 2 laps while most of us just did one.  We were thinking of checking for PED’s, but none of us had the audacity to confront her.  But, at least she kept Joe in his place.

Dave Slovisky got the elder statesman award, but G. Hunker and Lee Lofgren aren’t exactly young pups either.  For that matter, there was a strong contingent of geriatric entrants in the field.  I think we all found our way home.

Maille represented Casper (and Lander), Bruce Cartwright bested the late (starting) Frank Berch, Drew Leemon wondered why the classic tracks disappeared on IP (my bad), Mara “the pretty” Gans was several minutes ahead of the Metcalfe/Woodruff tag-team (even though she did do an extra lap.)   And Mara smiled across the finish, so we will deduct time from her effort, maybe.

Thats it.  Hope I didn’t miss anybody.  There was a “Rob R88 Legs” listed on the start sheet, but I was flummoxed by that name.  He may still be out there.

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