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Old Coaches Race Results

About 30 competitors ranging from young(less than 10yrs) to not-so-young (greater than 70 yrs.) competed.  Everybody won their category, and some won some other categories.  Here are the results, but each person is responsible for their own story or excuse.

Also, 5 km was really 5.5km, the 10k was 11, while the 15k was 16.5k.  Didn’t want the participants to know ahead of time.

ocr-2016-results(doesn’t account for distance, but makes more heroes.)

ocr-2016-results-by-distance-revised REVISED NEW IMPROVED NOW WITH KMH and PACE

Old Coaches Race/Timetrial

Dec. 30th, Friday at Noon

Signup, Start/Finish at the Yurt at Beaver Creek

Categories for novice to serious skiers, classic or skate, 2km to 15km distances.

FREE (unless you complain, then it’s pricey)  It is supposed to be a fun event.

No prizes, but there may be holiday recycling of items.

Loosely organized – if you want water or food, bring it.  There may be toilet paper in the outhouse.   Spectators welcome, but why?

Direct complaints or questions to Wwebsterwy@gmail Dot com


Citizen Races Calendar Link 2015-16

Post-race Participants

Where are you?

Click here for the tentative dates to some “local” ski races for the coming season.  Scroll down through the calendar to see the options.  Will be updated as information clarifies.

Norm nips national nemesis Noaker in nailbiter

It was actually in Utah, but this is a national caliber win!   Good show boy!

Don’t know details, ask Norm.  But I do know that this is a very impressive win.  Heres the link, check the M60 results. http://www.utahnordic.com/sites/default/files/attachments/event/130105_wcs2_results_unofficial.pdf

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