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OCR canceled

No race Saturday. Tooo much snow to get packed well enough. May reschedule for another day with out much warning
This is as official as i can get
PB having hard time and radio not working! Woe is us.

Waxing 101 for Recreational Skiers

Toko Wax has created a series of simple basic waxing videos, for recreational cross-country skiers.  Click here for Toko Recreational Waxing Videos.

Gannett Peak Sports has Toko, and Swix, products in stock.  If you are looking for a last minute gift for a skier, these may fit the bill.

Old Coaches Race – OCR

5th Annual (or 4th, our records are vague) OCR.

Sat. December 27th, 2014 at 11 AM. 

Cancelled due to Excess snow!

This is a free fun event, where the level of intensity is up to you.

Choose your technique for the 5 km course  The route planned is to follow Upper Omera to 5 Corners jct, then Bearclaw back to Pipeline trail, clockwise to Inner Pipeline, counterclockwise to Lower Omera and back to the yurt.  Shortcuts do exist, should you wish to take them, and nobody will be the wiser.

The LVHS nordic skiers will be joining in this mass-start mayhem this year, so its your opportunity to size them up.

Timing is loosely maintained with a clipboard and an ipad, the timers can be bribed.  No bibs, no aid stations, no marshals, no whining.

Prizes will be awarded, but don’t expect much, mainly an opportunity for us to clean our closets.  New this year, Norm Cessna has volunteered (thats okay isn’t it Norm?) a 30′ lesson to one less fortunate participant.

Questions?  email wwebsterwy@gmail.com

xcskiworld mass photo

Difficult Conditions

For those of you venturing up to Beaver Creek to ski, you may have found the conditions to be difficult to predict – they have been.  These warm days, coupled with scanty snowfalls and cold nights, have created changing snow conditions.  

Too warm and soft and your skis will not slide consistently, too cold and hard and  control becomes an issue.  Currently, there tends to be  “sweet spot” times between the transition from cold to warm when the skiing is best.  The “too warm” snow to avoid usually starts about noon, and ends about 3:30 as the sun starts to drop below the trees.  

I watch the temperatures displayed at the South Pass DEQ site for guidance.  By the time it gets above 37F there, I feel that Beaver Creek will be overheated, and the skiing best avoided by me.

Until we start regularly getting more snow, it will be a challenge to predict the best times of day to hit the trails.  Good Luck.

Also, the Grooming page now has condition updates and history links, which may help you to decide when, or if, to ski. 

Trail Maintenance Day

Saturday Oct. 18th, 2014
Meet at 8 AM at Alco parking lot to car pool to BC parking area.
Return to Lander about 1:30 PM.

We’ll walk all of the trails — smoothing and clearing rocks and deadfall/debris.  There may be a sage pulling contest also!

Remember, the bases you save could be your own!

Bring gloves, loppers, garden rakes, shovels, food/water and clothing for variable conditions

Honest Scotties Ski Report for 4/16/14

SVO reported on todays skiing using a movie theme……….SVO trails report 041614

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Seemed accurate to me.

Guide to Beaver Creek Spring Conditions

After mid-March, grooming at Beaver Creek decreases to once or twice a week, with the interval and day often determined by the weather.  Most years it’s not the snowpack that limits/ends grooming, but it’s the limited number of skiers coupled with the limited budget that causes us to cease grooming.  “When the bicycles come out, and the gardens go in, the skiers disappear.”  By mid-April at the most, we will cease grooming and begin bringing the equipment home.

This time of year, its usually best to ski the trails in the mornings from about 9-noon or so.  If you can get there when the snow is slightly softening after the overnight freeze, and leave before the warmer daytime temps create soft or slushy conditions, then you will have the nicest skiing.  The Tree loop often catches a lot of sun, so it is not a good indicator of conditions on PipeDream, BLM, or Eternity Hill.

Afternoon skiing can be ‘soft’, but if you watch the weather stations for South Pass, you may be able to catch a good day when its still cool and/or overcast, which protects the snow from softening.  The South Pass DEQ website  closely mimics the temps at Beaver Creek.   And remember that softened areas become ice as the afternoon/evening temperatures drop.

Crust skiing is another option for this time of year.  Most mornings the snow will be firm enough to skate or classic across meadows, or through the aspens, without needing to follow a groomed trail.  The window of opportunity for crust skiing is narrow, often ending before noon, but it is an enjoyable exploratory outing.  Warning:  If the overnight temperature does not get well below freezing, you won’t float.

We will try to notify you prior to grooming for the remainder of the season, but don’t let that limit your outings.   And even a morning groom can become unbearably soft by 1 PM, so use good judgement while planning and skiing. Heads up:  It appears that more snow may fall up there on Tues. 3/18, so grooming is planned for Weds. AM.

Clear as mud?   Questions?


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