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Honest Scotties Ski Report for 4/16/14

SVO reported on todays skiing using a movie theme……….SVO trails report 041614

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Seemed accurate to me.

Friday night 4/4 grooming, GPS Sale

      Groomed Beaver Crk. tonight for skate and classic.  Skiing should be good, firm, and fast till about 1 PM Saturday, or when the snow gets too soft for comfort.  There is still great coverage on the trails, but as you may have noticed grooming is tapering down.
      Of note, the moose have returned to the trails, so Spring must be here.
      Also, Gannett Peak Sports is having a great sale on ski equipment if you are looking to invest for next season!

FYI – Thurs 3/27/24 Conditions

Skied at midday at BC.  Conditions were firm, but not icey, and were consistant on all trails.  Rated it as very good.

Also able to ski in the meadows and woods on the crust, although my pole plants were breaking through the crust.

There was a dusting of new snow, and another dusting occurred in the PM.

I wasn’t sure what to expect today, but my expectations were exceeded.  The season lives on, if you want it.

Beaver Crk. conditions

Skiing VG now
Mid twenties. No wind.

Guide to Beaver Creek Spring Conditions

After mid-March, grooming at Beaver Creek decreases to once or twice a week, with the interval and day often determined by the weather.  Most years it’s not the snowpack that limits/ends grooming, but it’s the limited number of skiers coupled with the limited budget that causes us to cease grooming.  “When the bicycles come out, and the gardens go in, the skiers disappear.”  By mid-April at the most, we will cease grooming and begin bringing the equipment home.

This time of year, its usually best to ski the trails in the mornings from about 9-noon or so.  If you can get there when the snow is slightly softening after the overnight freeze, and leave before the warmer daytime temps create soft or slushy conditions, then you will have the nicest skiing.  The Tree loop often catches a lot of sun, so it is not a good indicator of conditions on PipeDream, BLM, or Eternity Hill.

Afternoon skiing can be ‘soft’, but if you watch the weather stations for South Pass, you may be able to catch a good day when its still cool and/or overcast, which protects the snow from softening.  The South Pass DEQ website  closely mimics the temps at Beaver Creek.   And remember that softened areas become ice as the afternoon/evening temperatures drop.

Crust skiing is another option for this time of year.  Most mornings the snow will be firm enough to skate or classic across meadows, or through the aspens, without needing to follow a groomed trail.  The window of opportunity for crust skiing is narrow, often ending before noon, but it is an enjoyable exploratory outing.  Warning:  If the overnight temperature does not get well below freezing, you won’t float.

We will try to notify you prior to grooming for the remainder of the season, but don’t let that limit your outings.   And even a morning groom can become unbearably soft by 1 PM, so use good judgement while planning and skiing. Heads up:  It appears that more snow may fall up there on Tues. 3/18, so grooming is planned for Weds. AM.

Clear as mud?   Questions?

Beaver creek groomed

Saturday morning all trails groomed for skate and classic. Very good conditions until warms and/or refreezes.

Olympic Nordic Schedules

The Olympics start on the 8th of Feb.,  Saturday.  The following 2 PDF files are some compiled listings of the nordic skiing related events.  One is strictly CrossCountry, the other has Biathlon, Nordic Combined, and Jumping events.  The schedules aren’t complete, but it is a place to start.

2014 Olympic XC coverage – Sheet1  Crosscountry, Mens and womens, skate and classic, relays

Olympic Biath NoCo Jmping – Sheet12014   Biathlon (Mens and womens, individual, sprint, relay, mixed relay).    Nordic Combined (Mens, jumping + freestyle crosscountry).   Jumping (Mens and Womens).


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